After I pass away, will my assets still go to my children if my partner re-marries?

Having worked with numerous clients on wills and guardianship cases, Nas Hanafi is familiar with the particulars of these legal situations and knows what steps need to be taken so that clients can successfully pass on their material possessions to the intended recipients.

Drafting a Will might not always represent the client’s intentions completely, so it is essential to work with a professional solicitor who can cater for the needs of the Will’s author and the intended beneficiaries.

A common example is when a married beneficiary mentioned in the Will receives assets, but then he or she passes away after the testator. In this case, the surviving spouse may be able to receive the assets. Should the surviving spouse get married again, then the new partner of the surviving spouse could receive the assets before the grandchildren do. This might not be what the initial testator had in mind!

An effective way of preventing such situations from occurring is by implementing a testamentary trust into the Will. With this trust, you can seek to ensure that, after you pass away, your assets will go exclusively to your children and grandchildren, without including their spouses or their spouses’ new partners. Nas Hanafi has successfully implemented many testamentary trusts and can offer you professional guidance in this regard.

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