What are the types of Assault?

Assault can fall into the following three categories: assault, common assault and assault occasioning actual bodily harm (ABH).

Common assault prosecuted by indictment

Should someone commit an assault on any person, he or she can be convicted and sentenced for up to 2 years imprisonment, even if the person did not suffer from any actual bodily harm as a result of the attack.

The description of ABH, as well as its legal repercussions and penalties are governed by Section 59 of the Crimes Act of 1900.


Assault causing actual bodily harm

1) Should someone commit assault on anyone and thus cause ABH can be convicted and sentenced to up to five years imprisonment;

2) An individual will be found guilty of this offence if this individual causes the actual bodily harm in subsection (1) accompanied by one or more other persons can sentenced for up to seven years imprisonment.